Sunday, 14 September 2008

Gender Grooves

I was listening to one of my fave jams, Could It Be by Jaheim;

and it reminded me of another of my fave jams by the same artiste, Put That Woman First;

And the thought crossed my mind, "what do I really think about women?" Do I have a value based perspective that is balanced and compassionate or have I been perverted and warped by my experiences of and with women. Or are my views driven by popular innuendo, stereotypes and prejudices. Or maybe they are based on my own selfish desires and determination to exploit.

Hmmmm. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


What is happening to Naija sports? I as watching some Naija boxer (Durodola) the other day and I thought lets hope he does well. That was before I noticed he was up against a Cuban. I felt a little less buoyant about his chances but still wanted him to do well This guy had no business being around a boxing ring nevermind actually in one. He couldnt punch, had no defence and really was to sloppy. I have seen women flailing to better effect than him. Needless to say he scored no points in 4 rounds of boxing. He will probably be the only boxer in the whole Olympics to fail to score a single point.

I couldnt believe that he was actually the best we could offer. Either we have no talent in that weight category or we actually think that he was good enough. Thats just scary.

The silver medal won by the footballers was only a little redemption. We really are too selfish a people to even raise ourselves up. Officials live better than participants.