Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Intelligence in the UK

Living one's life with these days gives one reason to query so much about the actions and behaviour of so many of those around us. Sometimes its hard to understand the motives of people. However, it is becoming clearer that in most of one's dealings at work, on the streets, in groups and online there does appear to be a waning of intelligence in the UK.

When I was in university great effort was made to explain the difference between inteligence and wisdom. And it is a reasonable distinction. Intelligence being the innate ability to understand relationships between things, and interpret the order that things follow. This ability either remains stagnant or develops and attains new levels with our advancement in years. Wisdom on the other hand, is the application of experience and knowledge gained from interacting over time and groupings. Whether there is a point at which intelligence and wisdom merge into one is a thought for another ramble.

I beleive there is another component of intelligence that is fequently overlooked. For me that is the ability to apply a value system, and and make value based decisions. Now whether we deal with conflicts of morality or choices of preference there is a set of values that should guide us in this. In understanding our view of the world and our place in it our perspective is inherently value based. The effort we put into what we do or achieving our objectives is often dependant on how important we consider the need to do so is. The more committed we are the higher the likelihood that we will understand the elements that drive the activities we enagage in. Or in fact the thoughts we contemplate.