Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Real Justice

Following Conrad Murray's conviction Michael Jackson family and fans can be heard to yell that justice has been done. And in truth the court has certainly handed down a guilty verdict. But who has this version of justice really served.

From what we now know Michael Jackson was prone to using a range of sedatives, including propofol, to aid his sleeping. It was not Conrad Murray who introduced or recommended it to him. While it is true that Murray did illegally procure it for him, it was Michael Jackson's choice and decision to use it. It is unlikely that he was unaware of the dangers in using it.

However, Murray was the architect of his own downfall. He knew the procurement and use of propofol were illicit but did not exercise better judgement and integrity in deciding whether to enable this dangerous practice. He claimed to be a friend of Michael Jackson and did nothing to stop him continuing to put himself at risk through rampant prescription drug use. He also did not exercise better professional judgement in ageeing to administer dangerous and unnecessary medication.

Had Murray not complied would Jackson have found some other doctor who would have? Most definitely, yes! But the decision was Murray's to make and he made the wrong call. Maybe his inattention contributed to Jackson's death on the day. But in all truth Jackson was his own grim reaper. Murray was merely an accomplice. And as it turns out the classical fall guy.

So exactly where have the scales of justice fallen here? Murray has been called to account for his bad professional practice. That is rightly so and just. But is this justice for Michael Jackson and his family? I doubt it. A lot of them could probably have done a lot more to prevent him meeting the demise he chose for himself.