Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Jessica Ennis: Myth or Mistaken

I'm a big fan of Jessica Ennis. I think she has a pleasant personality and is a great competitor. Leading up to Daegu the story has been about how she was going to win the gold and go on to blaze a golden trail to the 2012 Olympics. She was the reigning world champion so clearly has some good form and ability. She had been performing well during the lead up to the games. She was even confident enough to elect to miss the Commonwealth Games. Ready for gold she certainly she was.

Once the heptathalon started it seemed that after 2 events maybe things weren't going Ennis' way. Fountain, the American got the jump on her after the high jump. By the end of the day Ennis was ahead and looking good. A personal best in the shot put had given her a mojor boost. However, the second day proved decisive. And a poor javelin series put her out of contention for the gold. She went on to run a personal best in the 800 metres but it wasnt enough to deny Chernova.

As it turns out even Ennis personal best would not have beaten Chernova on the day. I dont know what went on in the Ennis training camp but I wonder whether they had Chernova in their sights. I dont think that Ennis came into the competition believing she would need a personal best to win it. And if that is the case then her preparations fell a little bit short of what was required. Possibly she and her coach got carried away with all the press adulation and took their eye of the competition. They did so at their peril. Chernova literally shoved her aside. Chernova put in a solid performance but it was no supperhuman effort. No records were broken or threatened. No sensational peaks were attained. So it seems all it has taken to beat Ennis is a solid yet unspectacular performance. Am sure Ennis will go away and prepare harder but I am sad to say if Chernova improves just a little bit then there is almost no way Ennis will beat her to gold in London 2012.